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Fitness and web development - that's what this podcast is about. Hosted by Erick Arbé, a web developer, entrepreneur and CrossFit addict - each episode will dive into either fitness or web development - or both! With interviews from top performers, coaches and developers from all kinds of backgrounds, it's his goal to bring short concise and useful information to you that you can immediately apply to your life.

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    Chris Coyier - From Employee to Entrepreneur

    If you've done any kind of front-end design or development in the past ten years, there's a good chance you ran across a blog article by Chris Coyier. Amongst other things, we talk about his relationship with CrossFit, how CSS Tricks got started, how CodePen got started, the power of blogging, how almost all his work is public, and things that have helped him along the way in his professional career.

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    Jack McDade on Statamic, Digital Products, Crypto, and CrossFit

    Jack McDade, founder of the flat-file CMS Statamic shares his story about the roots of his product, how he got into web development and the future of Statamic. We also dive into vacations, travel and about how he lost 60lbs! after starting CrossFit.

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    Carl Paoli on Recovery, Power Naps and Travel

    In this episode I talk with Carl Paoli - former gymnast, trainer, author and movement specialist. His unique outlook on fitness and life is truly interesting. He has coached some of the most elite athletes in the world and can still do a back handspring. His book is the basis for his Freestyle Connection Movement events that he gives all over the world.